Children walking with snowshoes in winter landscape

Ski Tip Connector Made
for Beginner Skiers

Ski Teaching Products has been in the skiing business since the ’70s. We are a family-owned company manufacturing the original Edgie Wedgie® for beginner skiers.

About the Product

The Edgie Wedgie® is manufactured by Ski Teaching Products (USA). We hand make each ski tip connector and individually assemble it to ensure that our skiers get high-quality products to experience the joy of learning skiing.


Why Use The Edgie Wedgie®

A beginner skier needs to maintain balance and control while first starting. The Edgie Wedgie® connects the ski tips and helps the skier achieve balance in a wedge position. It also helps speed up the learning process while providing an enjoyable introduction to skiing.

Learn Skiing the Right Way

Buy our product and transform your skiing journey in a fast and efficient way. Contact us if you have any questions about the Edgie Wedgie® and how it can help you become a better skier.