Happy family enjoying their time on a ski trip, skiing and having fun on a snowy mountain

Experience the Joy of Skiing
With the Edgie Wedgie®

The Edgie Wedgie® brings a “lifetime” of skiing joy to the beginning skier. We manufacture the original and ONLY Edgie Wedgie® which has proven its value for over 30 years. Continue reading about Ski Teaching Products.

How The Product Works

The Edgie Wedgie® connects the ski tips and helps the skier achieve a great sense of balance and control in a wedge position. It helps avoid the ski tips getting crossed and prevents the skier from falling.

Child walking with snowshoes in winter landscape

Easy to Use

The Edgie Wedgie® is easy to use and can be connected and removed with a twist of the thumb screws.  Contact us if you have any questions or want to buy the Edgie Wedgie® (wholesale only).