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Experience the Joy of Skiing
With the Edgie Wedgie®

The Edgie Wedgie® brings a “lifetime” of skiing joy to the beginning skier. We manufacture the original and ONLY Edgie Wedgie® which has proven its value for over 30 years. Continue reading about Ski Teaching Products.

How The Product Works

The Edgie Wedgie® connects the ski tips and helps the skier achieve a great sense of balance and control in a wedge position. It helps avoid the ski tips getting crossed and prevents the skier from falling.

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Easy to Use


1. WITH THE THUMB SCREWS ON THE TOP OR BOTTOM OF THE SKIS, attach the EDGIE WEDGIE® to the inside of each ski approximately one inch from the point of the ski tips.

2. Hand tighten the thumb screws against the skis. Do not over-tighten EDGIE WEDGIE®.

3. The EDGIE WEDGIE® may be shortened by cutting off a small amount from the end of the flexible connector. Do not over-cut!

4. After the EDGIE WEDGIE® is attached to both skis, the student is ready to start skiing.

Select a gentle, smooth slope for the basic wedge position. Have the student face downhill, spreading the tails of both skis an equal amount while the EDGIE WEDGIE® holds the ski tips close together. The student's weight should be slightly forward and distributed equally on each ski. In this wedge position, turning can be accomplished by steering both feet into the direction of a new turn. Speed can be controlled by spreading the tails of the skis.

The EDGIE WEDGIE® will hold the ski tips together and aid the beginning skier in maintaining a balanced and controlled wedge position. The EDGIE WEDGIE may also help prevent many falls by eliminating the spreading or crossing of the ski tips, and it will help speed up the learning process while providing a more enjoyable introduction to skiing..

MOVEMENT ON SKIS WITH EDGIE WEDGIE®: Place student in a small wedge position on flat terrain. Place ski pole basket behind EDGIE WEDGIE® (see Figure A). Tow student in straight running position; tow student in circles. This exercise allows the student to learn balance when moving on skis.

SPEED CONTROL WITH EDGIE WEDGIE®: Use pole basket in front of EDGIE WEDGIE® (see Figure B). Pressure on the pole tip in the snow will control the student's speed.
TURNING WITH EDGIE WEDGIE®: Tow student in short wedge turns. This exercise allows the student to learn balance while changing directions (see Figure A).

The instructor can perform the above movements with his/her skis on or off. NOTE: Before riding ski lift, remove EDGIE WEDGIE®.

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